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SIIRRETTY SYKSYLLE: Geotieteiden tutkijapäivät 22-25.4.2020, Oulu

Aika ja paikka: syksy 2020, Saalasti sali, Oulun yliopisto

Kuudennet Geotieteiden tutkijapäivät järjestetään tänä vuonna Oulun yliopistolla. Järjestäjänä Oulu Mining School yhdessä suomalaisten yliopistojen ja Suomen geologisen seuran kanssa.

Ilmoitus englanniksi:

The 6th Finnish National Colloquium of Geosciences will be organized at the University of Oulu by the Oulu Mining School in co-operation with Finnish universities and the Geological Society of Finland.

The colloquium will provide opportunity particularly for young professionals (MSc, PhD, Post-doc) to present their current topics and/or results of their scientific research. Also, contributions from doctoral and advanced master students are encouraged for their thesis projects. All fields of geosciences will be covered from economic and bedrock geology, geochemistry, geophysics to environmental geology. Senior scientists are welcome to introduce new research themes and research methods as well as several key-note talks will be included to cover several topical issues. Both oral and poster presentations are accepted.

The abstract and presentation language will be English. Oral presentations are 15 minutes and the maximum size of posters is A0. The participation to the colloquium is free, including coffee and ice-breaking party.

The abstracts will be published in Special Publication of the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Finland. The maximum abstract length is one page and the maximum number of words is 600 including the title, authors’ information and references. No figures or tables should be included. Detailed Instructions for preparation of the abstracts is provided by the contact persons when needed. The deadline for submitting abstracts is 15th March 2020. The final deadline for the registration is 1st April 2020.

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